Equipment List


Specialty Strength Machines

  • Westside Barbell Inverse Curl
  • Sorinex Back Attack
  • Arsenal Strength Glute Bridge
  • Atlantis Fitness Swing Squat
  • Arsenal Strength Vertical Leg Press
  • Power Lift Uni-Lateral Leg Press
  • GHR
  • Rogue Reverse Hypers
  • Westside Barbell Belt Squat

 3 Complete Rogue Kilo Trees

Dumbells from 5 to 200 lbs

Here at MVB we have American Barbell Dumbbells going all the way up to 200lbs!


Squat Racks

2 Monolifts, 4 Power Racks, 1 Half Rack, 4 EliteFTS Combo Racks. 10 Places to squat in total!


Competition Benches

We have 11 competition bench presses and 2 Ghost Strong incline benches.


Reverse Hyper

You will be hard pressed to find this great piece of equipment anywhere else in Westchester! Let alone 2 of them!


Standing Power Press

Looking to throw in a new excerise in your routine. Try out our Standing Power Press.


Turf and Functional Training Area

MVB has a 75' long and 6' wide turf area with a 75' long and 4' wide rubber area next to it. This is great for sled drags, yoke walks, prowler pushes, farmers carries and so much more.


Specialty Bars

We currently offer some of the best bars out there, including an assortment of speciality bars. There is no gym in the area with a more complete and extensive list of bars.

  • Texas Power Bars
  • Texas Squat Bars
  • Texas Deadlift Bars
  • Ohio Power Bars (KG and LB)
  • Rogue Deadlift Bars
  • Rogue Squat Bars
  • Elite FTS Power Bar
  • Duffalo Bars
  • Kabuki Strength Kadillac Bar
  • Front Squat Bar
  • Safety Squat Bars
  • 14" Cambered Squat Bar
  • 4" Cambered Bench Bar
  • Spider Bar
  • Cambered Swiss Bar
  • Kabuki Strength Trap Bar
  • Swiss Bars
  • Cambered Swiss Bars
  • Fat Bar
  • 12" Log
  • 10" Log 
  • 8" Log
  • Trap Bar
  • Axles

Deadlift Platforms

  • 7 Deadlift Platforms



We have a wide range of Arsenal Strength, Prime Fitness, Hammer Strength, King and Cybex machines available.


Strongman Equipment

  • Top Loaded and Side Loaded Farmer's Walk Handles
  • Yoke
  • MB Deadsled
  • 670lb Tire
  • 460lb Tire
  • 240 lb Tire
  • 17" and 20" Stone of Steel
  • MB PowerCenter Loadable Keg
  • Concrete Atlas Stones from 100 lbs to 445 lbs
  • Stone Platforms
  • Duck Walk Pins
  • Sand Bags
  • Loadable Husafell Stone
  • Viking Press/Conans Wheel Combo
  • Rogue "Fat Boy" Sled
  • Rogue Butcher V2
  • Bumper Plates
  • Kettlebells
  • Circus Dumbells
  • Kegs
  • Axles

Cardio Area

Treadmills, Stair Masters, Elipticals, Stationary Bikes and a Rower